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Creative Leathers – a story told through leather.

Creative was established in 1997 in Montorso Vicentino and immediately became a leader in the tanning industry thanks to its excellent production system specialised in the production and processing of full-grain and bycast suede split bovine leather available in various finishes and commercial options.
The company grew over the years and, in 2007, moved to Arzignano to a larger facility that could house the new machinery and extensive stock.

A unique colour range.

Today, Creative Leathers produces full-grain and suede split bovine leather and has become a leading light for various commercial businesses and producers not only in North-East Italy but all over the world.
Creative Leathers specialises in the processing of leather for shoes, belts and handbags. All products have their own technical data sheet.
A ready stock of 200 colours of suede makes Creative the tannery with the widest range of ready colour cards in the world.

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Work that follows trends.

Customers working with our tannery can count on multiple advantages – all products are manufactured artisanally and it is also possible to impress stylish finishes on the coloured leather, which our staff is used to doing on every season’s collections. The many motifs requested by the clients can also be impressed on small quantities of leather.

An ISO 9001 company.

Customers have always relied on Creative Leathers because our technicians and professionals work in a company that has grown consistently and uses procedures and technologies that guarantee consistency, high quality and punctuality.
This is why Creative holds the ISO 9001 certification.

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Flexibility and punctuality.

Creative can meet various customer demands thanks to its large colour stock and flexibility of its productive capacity – the company can in fact process both small and large quantities guaranteeing excellent value for money and timely deliveries.

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28 agents and exclusive wholesalers worldwide.

The tannery also manages a sales network covering the entire global market with 28 agents and exclusive wholesalers.

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Creative is environmentally conscious.

The company respects the environment by employing procedures that reduce pollution. Water containment and recycling programmes are especially important, as well as the reuse of by-products and the various tests to assess the chemico-technical properties of the products that identify any prohibited substances dangerous for the environment.
Creative experts always check our customers’ technical specification to verify whether they comply with company parameters.