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Leather goods professionals.

Creative Leathers also produces leather for all kinds of bovine leather handbags destined to the domestic and international markets.
The careful selection of the raw materials, the artisanal manufacture carried out by tanning professionals and quick deliveries are the main characteristics that have always made the company stand out and have contributed to its excellent reputation within the tanning industry.

Availability and ready products.

All Creative Leathers products are ready for delivery thanks to a fully stocked warehouse and the wide range of colours available. In addition, all motifs requested by the client can also be carried out on small quantities.
What is more, leathers with various colours and finishes are also available to be used to manufacture whole or parts of handbags.

Fashion that can be felt.

In addition to the finishes and colours, fashion trends also concern softness – handbags can in fact either be slouchy and made with chamois or, depending on the season and collection, structured with rigid or semi-rigid leather. All types can be silk-screen printed and have a bycast finish.
Touch is important in the leather sector, just like in the fashion world – there are in fact specific trends based on warm or cold, rubbery or silicone, matte or shiny effects.

Trendy techniques.

The techniques that Creative professionals use to finish the leather destined for the production of handbags often follow the same trends as footwear, because they are characterised by the same seasonality.
In fact, modern looks often match colours and finishes with shoes and other accessories such as belts.

Leather for everyone.

Creative Leathers also advises clients to use leather for the lining of handbags using softer and lighter versions.
The aesthetic and tactile aspects are important for leather, also for the details – clients are in fact often driven by their emotions and senses.

Special attention to detail.

Leather handbags must not smell of polyurethane, alcohol, acetone or other substances – that is why, during the production stage, Creative Leathers pays the utmost attention to the finish.
In addition, leather must not leave dust or stain clothing, which is why the tannery uses anti-stain and anti-dust techniques.