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Leather for all kinds of shoes.

Creative Leathers produces and processes full-grain and split bovine leather for the manufacturing of shoes for women, men and children.
Our tanning professionals develop two collections – spring/summer and autumn/winter – so as to be up-to-date with each season’s trends and always stay fashionable.
In addition, the company also produces waterproof shoes in autumn and winter against the damp and rain.

Health beyond fashion.

The products varies depending on the season and current trends but always respects delivery times thanks to our production capacity and wide range of colours available.
The tannery also produces chromium-free leathers either for reasons to do with respect for the environment or with attention to people, and children in particular. Creative, in fact, in addition to complying with current regulations, cares about the health and needs of its customers, especially the younger ones.

To each his own.

For men’s shoes, our clients prefer heat embossed, waxed, greased, buffed and brushed finishes.
For women’s and children’s collections, in addition to the finishes mentioned above, our clients often require finishes with laminations, transfer paper (transferring a drawing from paper thanks to sublimation), sequins and screen printing. Creative Leathers professionals can also create customised prints with the client’s designs – the file can be an image or a photograph and is processed by our in-house graphic designer and digitally printed using a plotter.
The motifs can also be printed on small quantities.

Leather for technical footwear.

Creative Leathers produces leather for uppers, linings and insoles. Technical safety footwear, studied to guarantee safety in the workplace, is made with waterproof, flame-resistant (e.g. for fire-fighters), breathable, Gore-Tex/Sympatex and even bycast materials.
The leather processed by Creative for these types of shoes has a thickness of over 1.8 millimetres.
Our staff is available to provide expert advice on all technical products.