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Leather logic.

In order to produce and process the various leathers, Creative Leathers professionals are familiar with the characteristics of the leather as well as the best artisanal manufacturing techniques that have always distinguished products made in Italy.
In fact, to manufacture belts that are perfect in every detail, you need rather big square pieces, which is the only way to obtain large items, optimize cuts and avoid waste.

Quality and reliability.

The large leather squares that the company uses are provided by selected reliable European suppliers. It is the origin and quality of these leathers that makes the difference – Creative Leathers stands out from the competition thanks to the high quality of its products and artisanal manufacturing, aspects that have always characterized products made in Italy.

Leather for belts.

Creative Leathers professionals select light and soft leathers for the production of sashes and rigid thick ones for edge-dyed belts with suede and bycast finishes.
All the leathers for these types of items are customizable by clients, who can request additional finishes.
The majority of plotter digital prints are handled by the in-house graphic designer.

The global leader for leather belts.

The yield per metre is very high in the production of leather for belts, which is another reason why Creative delivers the goods with the utmost punctuality. The ready stock of even small quantities of leather (the company has a suede leather stock of 200 colours) guarantees the availability of products and contributes to making Creative Leathers a global leader in the leather belt sector.

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Flexibility and punctuality.

Our clients choose us for the high quality of our leather, the number of colours available and our punctuality. Quick deliveries and flexibility are in fact essential principles to carry out a perfect job even with small quantities.
Our attention towards logistics is another added value for the company – Creative Leathers ships worldwide via air or via sea depending on clients’ requirements and transport practicality.